Richard Cabell lived during the 1600s and was the local squire at Buckfastleigh. He had a passion for hunting and was what in those days described as a 'monstrously evil man'. He gained this reputation for amongst other things immorality and having sold his soul to the Devil. There was also a rumour that he had murdered his wife. On the 5th of July 1677 he died and was laid to rest in 'the sepulchre' but that was only the beginning of the story. The night of his internment saw a phantom pack of hounds come baying across the moor to howl at his tomb. From that night onwards he could be found leading the phantom pack across the moor usually on the anniversary of his death. If the pack were not out hunting they could be found ranging around his grave howling and shrieking. In an attempt to lay the soul to rest the villagers built a large building around the tomb and to be doubly sure a huge slab was placed on top of the grave to stop the ghost of the squire escaping.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is not just a crime novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it's also the theme of this week's dog picture challenge.

And yes, there are a few Baskervilles hounds living among us, as you can see. Scary, arent they?


If the going gets too tough, just close your eyes and get even?





Sometimes you may wonder, if they really exist...


This pack isn't howling on anybody's grave, thank God.
They just howl in our garden:)